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FeeCOMPASS. supporting banking products analysis
FeeCOMPASS. supporting banking products analysis

Easily access data

  • Saves time and lets users focus their effort on the results interpretation
  • Gives access to up-to-date, reliable data from different business domains

Our cloud application is where analysts, marketers and consultants can easily access and compare market and product data from multiple sources.

  • Contributes to time-to-market improvement by push notifications about important changes made by competitors
  • Templates for copy-and-paste comparisons
  • Effortless data usage and access

Designed to analyze


The FeeCOMPASS application is designed to analyze banking product offers available to retail banking customers on Polish financial market.

Each analysis is prepared in a three-step process composed of:

1selecting offers from database using predefined attributes as well as complex queries;
2filtering the set of results and defining the scope of analysis;
3presenting the final outcomes in a handy, ready to use graphic form.

Intuitive and fully interactive

The application offers its users an intuitive and fully interactive process. To fine-tune analysis users can easily step back as well as preview the results of the query being constructed on-the-fly. When narrowing the set of the analyzed offers, users can construct queries based on five macrocategories (product type, customer needs, bank characteristic, access channel and geo-data) and their attributes as well as links between them.

The design of the UI of this application follows this three-step process, and the interface is divided into three parts:

1Where users can build queries.
The queries are represented in the form of a graph, where each connected node is part of the query.
2where search results are listed and filtered
3where results are presented as charts and diagrams

Who can benefit?

Product design & marketing:

monitoring the market, providing alerts and ready to use comparisons with competitors on a detailed product parameters level

Analysts and Big Data:

defining own queries on up-to-date market database to test hypothesis, discover dependencies and model/optimize financial parameters

Sales channels:

on demand access to market position and product market gap of single client profile, underlining strengths of an offer when compared to the market (e.g. competitors around the corner)

Customer retention:

proactively analyze current clients' profiles and assess the risk of churn within current market context

Early access

To participate in the FeeCOMPASS early access programme,
please apply in writing to: