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feeCOMPASS® plugin for WordPress

Rankings based on experiences and preferences of real users? Exactly! Our idea at feeCOMPASS is to choose the optimal product models that meet specific needs - not necessarily the most advertised ones.

We focus on client value - a smart comparison engine will choose the model that best meets the requirements, based on customer preferences, budget and expert knowledge.

feeCOMPASS is not yet another ranking site, our competitive advantages are:

  • Up-to-date

    The product market is constantly monitored by us, prices are updated daily via API, and the database is expanded with new models currently being sold.
  • Credibility

    mutual trust is very important, therefore we do not earn on favoring any manufacturers. The rankings are based on real data - you cannot buy a higher rank.
  • Argumentation

    we show the customer why it is worth buying a particular model, by referring to his/her needs.
  • Profiling

    the ability to create a thematic ranking tailored to the needs of a specific group of recipients (e.g. people who actively play sports, allergy sufferers, young parents).
We offer a transparent business model in which commissions from redirecting to price comparison websites or specific e-commerce stores are the main source of income. Revenues generated in this way are shared between you and feeCOMPASS.
There are quite a few possibilities of using our solution! You can:
  • create dedicated thematic rankings based on expert votes and various user profiles
  • comment on the results of each of the rankings, which gives you new content
  • coming soon: let your community build their own, unique ranking that in turn lets you generate dedicated content.
You can publish our Smart Ranking on your blog - don't worry about the technicalities - we provide WordPress plug-in and friendly technical support team :) The implementation of the plug-in is very simple and convenient. What's more, blog recipients will not be redirected anywhere, because the vote generator and subsequent ranking will only work on your site.
Importantly, we are fair - we do not collect any information about your visitors. We use cookie mechanisms used by our partners, described in the Privacy Policy, which allow monetization of traffic.
If you run a blog and have an engaged community, then your recipients will be able to generate their own ranking tailored to their preferences by answering the question "What is more important to me?" Most importantly, the ranking created by your community, available on your site will be unique, and no one else will have an exact, same ranking :-)
The strength of our solution lies in the ability to translate individual votes into the ranking of the entire community!
Feel free to contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions and provide a thorough demo of our tool.