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Increase conversion and up-sell

Research shows that a limited number of offers results in 10 times more customers actually buying1. On the other hand - a wide product range attracts new customers, and without them no retailer can stay relevant.
feeCOMPASS uses the power of both phenomena. The customer is presented with only a small number of selected offers best suited to his/her needs and budget. In this way, it makes buying decisions easier.
In addition, at the top of the ranking, it adds 1-2 models above the client's budget, better suiting his/her needs. This more effectively convinces the customer to buy more expensive and more profitable products.

1) Sheena S. Iyengar, Columbia University, Mark R. Lepper, Stanford University “When Choice is Demotivating: Can One Desire Too Much of a Good Thing?”

Customer Benefits
  • facilitates decisions
  • saves time
  • increases satisfaction
eCommerce Benefits
  • increases conversion
  • increases the value of the shopping basket (up-sell)
  • reduces the number of returns
  • leverages knowledge of the in-store experts
  • the engine works for any product
  • easy technical integration
feeCOMPASS® is a recommendation engine
to rank services and products and suggest sales arguments for them. Effective in both digital (chatbots, digital assistants) and classic sales channels (branch, call center).
  • Saves time
    We provide up-to-date data and clear comparisons. Always.
  • Improves customer satisfaction
    We speak the language of the customer, building credibility.
  • Facilitates decision making
    We show the match between the offer/model and the customer's needs.
  • Increases sales conversion
    We additionally generate more expensive but better offers (up-sell) and packet offers (cross-sell).
Sales support
for the sales channels:
branch, call center etc.
Personalized ranking of offers and accurate sales arguments help build trust. feeCOMPASS® will give you the edge, with instant overview of the competition's offerings and hot deals.
Plugin for bloggers
Provides the smart comparison engine directly on the blog.

Enables bloggers to generate dedicated thematic rankings and engage with the community in building own ranking by allowing members to vote. Creating unique and valuable content made easy!

Digital assistant
an accessible way to perfectly match your customer's needs and the solutions on offer.
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